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Cinder's Health Records

Hips - 4:6

Elbows - 1:0

Full dentition

Embark All Clear

Approved for breeding by the LWCA

DOB: 01/01/2022

Sire: Lykosia Quinn

Dam: Raven


Click here to view Cinder's pedigree on the LWCA website

Cinder is the alpha dog of the pack, she teaches the younger ones how to behave when they arrive, she is full of love and guidance for all the pack members.


Cinder is very loving to her humans, she loves to be cuddled and has to be involved in everything that is going on. She is the first to greet all visitors with a howl and kisses. She isn’t afraid of anything and gets on well with all other dogs and all humans of all ages and sizes. 

Cinders wolfy  appearance is absolutely stunning and we are always stopped and asked about her breed.

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