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Sire: Charlie

Dam: Wolfden Tundra

Embark All Clear

Trinity is full of confidence and is very self assured.


Nothing worries her at all from the first week she was here, she was bossing the older girls around and taking no crap from them.

She is very intelligent, she picks things up very quickly, she likes to watch the older dogs and learn from them.


Trinity loves the occasional cuddle but prefers to snuggle with the pack. If she isn't playing with the other girls she is sitting on the outside beds watching the birds.


Trinity sleeps outside every night even though she can access the house she chooses to do this, i wonder if she is protecting the yard from the possums that love to run the fence line most nights, lol.

Thank you to Tom and Carlia (Wolfden in QLD) for trusting us with this pick of the litter girl.

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