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​Here at Beowolves, our dogs are true family members. Our girls get along wonderfully and we do not keep them in kennels. They have full access of our home and large backyard on the Mornington Peninsula.

Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to wolves, so developing a breeding program to breed Lykos Wofalikes has become a dream and passion of mine. I originally purchased  my first Lykos, 'Cinder' as a pet, but her breeder reached out to me and encouraged me to become part of the Lykos breeding program and to register myself as a breeder to develop the Lykos Wolfalike breed. The rest is history and we have become so enamoured by these amazing dogs!


I had Cinder’s hip and elbow x-rays done in April 2023 and her breeder signed Cinder over to me to be bred under ‘Beowolves’ with the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia.

I have successfully completed the breeders course with Animal Welfare Victoria, had my property and home inspected and approved by the LWCA, joined the RPBA (Responsible Pet Breeders Australia) which included a full veterinary audit and veterinary inspection, as well as my local council's approval and permit. I adhere to all Code of Ethics of the organisations I am a member of, who have the highest and most ethical breeding codes in Australia. I have ticked all the boxes required in order to begin this exciting journey.

I am looking forward to my first litter in 2024, being mentored by the breed's founder, Brooke Taylor from Lykosia.

The Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc. ("LWCA") is ONLY the official sponsoring parent club of the Lykos Wolfalike or any "wolfalike" dog, working towards the development of of the breed in Australia with a kennel council.  The LWCA is a non-for-profit organisation (incorporated association) and is professionally run by those experienced in the sport of canine breeding, club procedures, training and other dog activities.

Most of the photography on our website is by Peninsula Pawtraits - we highly recommend if looking for lovely photos of your pets!


We recently had our "wolfie mobile" done up for transporting our pack!

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